Living a Well-Lived Life – Even in the Midst of

the Worst Three Weeks of the Year

Posted June 27, 2013/19 Tammuz 5773

We are now past the half-way mark of the 4th Biblical Month.  We therefore now find ourselves in the early phases of our annual three weeks ‘between the straits‘.

This happens every year. It lasts for three weeks. And then life goes on.

It is all part of the Creator’s Plan –  like ‘summer and winter’, ‘seed-time and harvest’, and a ‘time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing’.

The real issue we face is not what bad things happen to us and the world during these three weeks. The real issue is how we will live our lives when whatever He allows to happen happens.

The real issue is how well we will succeed in keeping our thoughts, words, and actions actively engaged in passionate pursuit of our Bridegroom-King’s Face and the members of our bodies energetically engaged in walking out His Words of Life in real time, in real life, in real situations, and in real ‘straits’.

This is the season each year when we have to be reminded that it is all about His Kingdom, not about our will being done ‘on earth as it is in our opinion’.

This is the season we have to reconnect to the truth that it is all about His Calling People Forth out of things they love but which are killing them, and not about our – or their – experiencing the immediate gratification of temporal pleasures, comforts, and conveniences.

This is the season we get reminded once again that it is about His Wisdom, not our poison-fruit polluted sense of what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’, right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’, ‘just’ and ‘unjust’, and ‘moral’ and ‘immoral’.

And this is the season we get reminded that He is both a Wise King and the Fairest of Ten Thousand Bridegrooms – and that He is those things, and so much more, even in the midst of the three week period of peril we spend each year ‘between the straits’.

This season on the Calendar of the Most High is merely our appointed time to truly learn what it means to let Him lead us ‘through the valley of the shadow of death’, and yet fear no evil.

Will we esteem His Rod and His Staff to be enough for us? That is the real question that is posed by the annual period of three weeks ‘between the straits’.

–  The Rabbi’s son