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Shalom and welcome to the home of The Rabbi’s Son’s Ministries. We are an international community of devoted followers of the Glorious Messiah – the One whom Moses, the Prophets of Israel and the disciples of Yeshua all went to great lengths to describe in the Scriptures. Our passion is simply to worship, serve and introduce others to the Messiah, and to train as many individuals and families as possible to walk in a real, meaningful, joyous and fruitful Biblical lifestyle.

The Rabbi’s son's Shavuot Haggadah

The Rabbi’s son is pleased to announce the availability           of a special resource to enhance your personal, family,        or group experience at Shavuot.        

    This resource was personally compiled by the Rabbi’s son  for use in his own household and fellowship for Shavuot.

This special Messianic Haggadah is made available online
for a one-time donation of $20.00.

To sign up for this resource, please just click on the following link:

Coming Soon

Keep checking in for more new and exciting studies coming soon from the Rabbi’s son!