Another New Prophetic Season Is Upon Us – and the Word of the Hour is ‘CONSOLATION’

Posted Friday, July 19, 2013/12 Av 5773

This Sabbath inaugurates the 7 week season of ‘Nachamu, nachamu ami [Comfort, comfort my people!].

For the next 7 weeks the prophetic thrust will shift radically from mourning for the loss of the open portal between Heaven and Earth [the Temple] and making t’shuvah over mistakes of the past that led to the Temple’s destruction and our dispersion to the 4 corners of the earth TO eagerly looking forward to and preparing for the Glorious Messianic redemption.

The theme of the season is: “Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!

Here are the prophetic messages which are to be the focus of our meditations and messages the next 7 weeks:

Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 40:1 ff

Yeshayahu 49:14 ff

Yeshayahu 54:11 ff

Yeshayahu 51:12 ff

Yeshayahu 54:1 ff

Yeshayahu 60:1 ff

Yeshayahu 61:1 ff


From the Sabbath following Tishah B’Av all the way up until Yom T’ruah [Rosh HaShanah] we are instructed to read and meditate upon these words of comfort from the prophet Yeshayahu.  These selections focus on three interconnected things:

1. The Great ingathering of the exiles at the end of the Age;

2. the future redemption/salvation of all Israel, and

3. the coming of the King to Inaugurate the Messianic Era.

In the opening haftarah of the series [Isaiah 40:1 ff], the prophet Yeshayahu opens the floodgate of the passionate words of comfort from the Holy One that are to come over the next few weeks by prophesying of the glorious regathering of scattered Israel which the Holy One will bring about at the end of the allotted time of exile. And he says we have a responsibility in this process too. What are our responsibilities:

1. Comfort, comfort my people! Speak Tenderly to the Heart of Jerusalem!

2. Prepare the Way of the Holy One, and

3. Go up on a high mountain, lift up your voice, and proclaim to the cities of Judah: ‘Behold your God!‘ For He is coming with a Strong Hand and a Reward, to Shepherd His People, to feed His Flock, to gather his lambs, and to gently lead those who have young’.

So come on – we have work to do!

– the Rabbi’s son